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Today’s Blog is about the word Strategy. An agent called and inquired about the training I am holding in Easton Maryland June the 21st, and wanted to know why is it that I talk about the word Strategy rather than just websites. Internet Marketing is not about just websites – it is about developing a way of thinking, a way to get into the mind of the internet before you can leverage yourself. Many Real Estate Agents are tinkerers, doing this and that, here and there; but they don’t have a compelling big picture of why they are doing what they doing. I told the inquiring agent that I focus on the following ideas:

1. How you think about the internet matters the most.

2. This thing that everyone calls Marketing has transformed and gained an important platform – Inbound Marketing.

3. The proper Real Estate Website matters a lot if it is put in the scheme of a larger plan.

4. The best Leads on the internet generate listings not just Buyers.

5. Social Media is about traffic not organic ranking…

Many Brokers and Agents are waiting for the Holly Grail of a website that, when launched, will do everything for them. If you have that type of thinking than my trainings are useless to you – the proper way to view your Real Estate Business and the Internet is by causing traffic to come to you through your day to day actions. You must understand how Google thinks before you can start building a platform that is organically visible. The Training in Easton is geared to guide agents and brokers towards their vision of offering the best Marketing Solutions for their Clients; isn’t that what Buyers and Sellers need from you? You are not an order taker! You are a creative force that generates business.

Easton MD Real Estate Web Strategy TrainingWeb Link: Easton Real Estate Internet Strategy Training
PDF Link: Easton-Real-Estate-Web-Strategy-Training.pdf
Event Calendar: Real Estate Websites and Internet Marketing Training

I hope to visit with you at my upcoming trainings; feel free to comment and share your thoughts -Thanks!

Happy Blogging :) - Key Yessaad, Real Estate Trainer

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