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  • Tami Bonnell pulls No punches...
    by Key Yessaad on August 7, 2010 at 4:49 PM
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    Its no secret that we are in a tough market - one that many agents, especially those who entered the business within the past 5 years or so have never seen. Some brokerages are trying to paint a rosy picture and spinning yarns that everything is okay, just go out there and list or sell something and life will be back to normal soon. The problem though is that agents today are looking for leadership and frankly the truth! Armed with the reality of the market conditions, how the brokerage is doing etc. will instill the confidence that agents need to survive and thrieve and this sort of leadership must come from the top down. I was invited to EXIT Realtys corporate office in Mississagua, Ontario Canada where I had the opportunity to interview Tami Bonnell; VP of US Operations. Their corporate policy is very simple heres whats happening in the real world, heres what you need to do to thrive now get off your butts and go and do it! EXITs executive doesnt waste time painting pretty pictures - they tell it like it is and best of all, their brokers and agents respect them for it. I hope you enjoy this interview with Tami Bonnell as she shares some her insights.

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