Quotes Key Yessaad was in Maryland for a 3 day training event in January. "Prospecting for Success" . This training was a wealth of knowledge, easy to implement, and makes sense! Key's presentation, as always, made it fun as well! Key's trainings should not be missed! Rearrange your schedule to be in the room! 2015!! We are ready! Effective now! Thank you Key ~ Mary Eldridge, EXIT by the Bay Quotes
Mary Eldridge
Prospecting for Success

Quotes Having gotten my real estate license in 1985 with ERA, I've learned a lot about the differences between an ordinary real estate franchise and an innovative, progressive,empathy driven franchise like EXIT. We have STRONG LEADERSHIP and SUPPORT from EXIT INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS. SUPPORT is so important in any industry and EXIT excels in that catagory. On a personal note, after reading THE ENERGY BUS book by JON GORDON, Rick & I have dedicated running our region by adapting the principles of having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and encouraging TEAMWORK and the PULLING TOGETHER of our Brokers & Agents in achieving profitable growth, thus helping make EXIT the smartest, biggest and best real estate company by 2020! I was honored at last years' EXIT INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION in Nashville, by being chosen the 2011 EXIT AMBASSADOR USA. It is an award I will always cherish.EXIT changes peoples lives. I BELIEVE IN EXIT ! Quotes
Carol McDaniel

Quotes Rick and Carol McDaniel are incredible leaders in real estate. I've seen first hand how dedicated they are to the growth of thier region. Brokers and EXIT Associates have all the cutting edge tools to succeed, as well as top level training and coaching to ensure the success on every level. Most of all- both Carol and Rick give their total support and enthusiasm. Call or schedule a meeting to meet either Carol or Rick and discover why they are so laser focused on the growth and success of the region- you'll find them both inviting and full of great knowledge! Quotes
Annette Anthony
Strategic Account Manager- Market Leader

Quotes I BELIEVE in Santa Claus, the power and the spirit of giving and the kindness of mankind, and EXIT. EXIT has changed peoples' lives. I BELIEVE in Steve Morris-his Vision and strong Leadership we will not only OWN THE NEXT DECADE but by 2020 we will be the smartest, biggest & best real estate company! There is Purpose in everything he does for EXIT. I BELIEVE in Tami Bonnell-Her acts of Kindness are spread across the country by her magical fairy dust. She is the most Giving and Unselfish person I know. I BELIEVE in Joyce Paron-Her contagious Laughter and Energy could keep our Energy Bus rolling well into 2012. She brings Life to EXIT with her beaming smile and Positive Energy. I BELIEVE in Erika Gileo-She is the Backbone of our company. She makes sure all of the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. She brings Comfort and Peace of Mind to the structure and framework of EXIT. Quotes
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Quotes I BELIEVE in Susan Harrison-She has been instrumental in Shining the light on EXIT and getting the word out on the Greatness of EXIT. Her Persistent promotion of Shoptok has put EXIT on the map. I BELIEVE in Christina Luis-Being Steve Morris? senior corporate administrator is a job she performs with Excellence. Keeping track of Steve?s schedule is no small task. She brings Order to our company and plans First Class conventions every year. I BELIEVE in Sharron Richardson-Without Sharron?s Franchise Support, where would our admins and Brokers turn to for help? I BELIEVE in Luci Conte-Her Organization of all training aspects of EXIT has been invaluable. She keeps our regions Focused. LEADERSHIP is: VISION, PURPOSE, KINDNESS, GIVING, UNSELFISH, LAUGHTER, POSITIVE ENERGY, BACKBONE, COMFORT, PEACE OF MIND, SHINING, GREATNESS, PERSISTANT, EXCELLENCE, ORDER, FIRST CLASS, SUPPORT, ORGANIZATION and FOCUS. These qualities of leadership are displayed in the people leading our company! I BELIEVE ! Quotes
Carol McDaniel

Quotes Bernadette Cole is a powerhouse! Few real estate professionals have her level of innate skill, passion and commitment to Serving the Local and Global Community, Leading Others to Greatness, Building a Top-Shelf, Second-to-None Real Estate Brokerage. We have had the privilege of knowing Bernadette for several years now and we are continually impressed with her drive, her dedication, and her exceptional ability to see and pursue unique opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. We were recently invited by Bernadette to speak at the DC Super Agent Summit and what a fantastic event this was! Bernadette did a first class job organizing and leading the event, with rave reviews from all who attended. Bernadette is a treasure in this industry and a blessing to all who have the privilege of knowing her. We tip our hat to this extraordinary individual and dear friend! Quotes
Michael & Stacy Spickes
Founders of America's Home Rescue

Quotes It is our great pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Michele Burch of Exit Realty. When we decided to make a change from a real estate agent from another firm, Michele surprised us with a telephone call asking how she could help and then following up the very next day with a written proposal for selling our home. The proposal even had a photo of our house on the cover. Needless to say, we were impressed. Even more impressive, however, was the energy and professionalism Michele poured into the project. In short order we found our property listed on 27 different websites. Michele then followed up with a series of targeted mailings and other ideas. Importantly, Michele kept us in the loop, touching base after each showing and open house, and even providing written critiques offered by other agents during a special broker-only open house. The bottom line: We sold our home in a reasonable amount of time, and for a reasonable amount of money, despite a dormant housing markt Quotes
Satisfied Seller