Preparing to Buy

Posted by Jenelle Kirton on December 29, 2016 at 9:20 AM

Automate your saving. It is hard enough to save money when you have other bills and expenses, however, it is even harder when you have to make that choice between spending the money in your checking account or brushing a little aside for saving. Go with the theory, ‘if you don’t see it, you won’t spend it.’ Automatically have a portion of your checking account transfer into a savings account, that way when you check your balance to take care of day to day business, you are spending what’s available minus your savings.


Get that score up. Your credit score is a crucial part of getting any type of loan, especially a home loan. For those with 600 and below credit scores, there are a few companies who will grant you a credit card, although they may request a small down payment. These cards are a great way to work on obtaining credit and increasing your score. If you have reasonable credit debt, don’t pay it all off, pay on it each month keeping the balance to about half, or less, of your available credit. In addition, go ahead and set yourself reminders to pay your bills by their respective due dates.


Window shop: Don’t wait until you are ready to buy, go ahead and start looking around now to see what is available in your desired area and what the prices are. The more you know about what you can afford and what is available, the better prepared you will be when you are ready to work with a realtor. Having a realistic “must-haves” list in the area you want to live in will go a long way to helping you find your dream home.


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