It's All in the Preparation

Posted by Jenelle Kirton on June 22, 2016 at 10:25 AM

When I was a little girl, every Sunday morning, in the summer, my mom would pack a picnic lunch and dinner and off we’d go crabbing on a little pier in Sea Breeze, NJ. We would tie chicken necks to the end of strings and slowly pull the strings up out of the murky water, hoping to see a crab dangling from the bait. If we had one on our line, we’d quietly whisper to my dad to “Get the net!” He would skillfully scoop the crab up into our crab basket and fill it until we had a bushel to take home to eat. Not only did we crab, but afterward, we’d go to Ocean City, NJ and frolic in the ocean for a couple of hours before heading down to Bridgeton State Park where we ate our picnic dinner. We then headed home to eat crabs. It was a fun filled day, but looking back on those fond memories, I realized it was a LOT of work put on my parents. Preparing the food; preparing the crabbing outing with bait, nets, lines and baskets; and the traveling to all the fun places that we kids just took for granted at the time.

It’s been over 55 years since I enjoyed that crabbing experience with my family. However, an opportunity presented itself to me when a wonderful man, Alberto Gamez, Movement Mortgage, invited our EXIT Mid-Atlantic family on a crabbing expedition after our Broker Retreat, June 2nd and 3rd. It was a fascinating new experience for me to learn “trot line crabbing.”

Alberto showed us how he’s been catching crabs for many, many years. Again, it was a lot of WORK! Running out the baited lines from his boat, being careful not to get them all tangled, and keeping it in a straight line was intriguing! He showed us how to properly scoop the crabs up from the bait while he was reeling in the trot line. He showed us how to hold and measure the size of the crabs without getting “pinched!”

Alberto was a gracious, patient host and also told us how to prep and steam our crabs. By the way…if you’re ever in Kent Island, stop by “It’s the Pits” and say “hi” to Alberto and buy crabs from him. They’re the best in town! Better yet, use him for mortgages for your clients, along with the other Movement Mortgage people ready to help serve you in our region. Movement Mortgage along with Eric Stuerken, Better Qualified, graciously helped sponsor our Broker Retreat Cocktail Reception, which was a GREAT SUCCESS!

Like anything worth doing in life, it’s all in the preparation and hard work that will help you succeed in achieving your goals. A great day of crabbing, or having a wonderful, profitable career in real estate takes a lot of preparation and hard work!

Happy Summer Everyone!

Written by Carol McDaniel, Regional Owner, EXIT Mid-Atlantic


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