Creating A RIVAlution

Posted by Jenelle Kirton on June 8, 2016 at 4:20 PM

We make a lot of choices throughout the course of our lives, and many of them stem from two underlying thoughts. Victoria Rivadeneira spent time with our region’s Brokers on Thursday, June 2nd to talk about whether we are making critical life decisions based on love, or out of fear.


One of the topics in her book, “Create A Real Estate RIVAlution,” that she touches on is which of these two emotions is driving our decisions. She challenged our Brokers, and all of her readers, to find what it is they love career-wise and work hard to achieve that role. She proposes that if you love what you do, you will do your absolute best at it every day and feel ultimately fulfilled. However, if you are doing your job out of fear, primarily being afraid your bills won’t be paid if you don’t, you are doing it for the wrong reason and won’t be as motivated to strive for your absolute best day in and day out. She said she has come to realize those who don’t love real estate are not just doing themselves and injustice, but also their clients, Brokers and fellow Agents.


A coinciding challenge she knows Agents and Brokers face even after entering the industry out of love, is maintaining their humble nature. At some point in your real estate career, as you are doing what you love, you will be faced with great successes to tout. That will be your defining moment to ensure your ego remains in check. Ruthless behavior and over indulged egos are what Victoria would like to see weeded out of the real estate industry. She challenges Agents and Brokers alike to remember they got into this industry because they truly wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them. She fears you lose sight of that goal when you are more focused on your wins, only moving yourself and your office toward a more ruthless and hostile business practice.


All-in-all, Victoria reminds real estate Agents and Brokers to, first, figure out whether or not they truly love their role in real estate, or if they are just doing it for a paycheck. From there, simply remember to start and end each day working for the “power of love,” as opposed to the “love of power.” With that, not only will you be able to celebrate more wins than you can count, but you will also have everyone around you celebrating alongside you, helping you to reach even greater goals.


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