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Posted by Dan Castro on February 11, 2015 at 2:55 PM

Wanting to find Austin real estate that’s energy saving but doesn't make your wallet want to run away? Find what you are looking for right now! There are many Houses in Austin, but we offer only the best, including Austin Houses that offer energy saving features such as Compact Florescent Lighting and Energy saving appliances. Who says energy efficient Homes in Austin have to look like the 60's? We have one story Austin Homes with amenities such as wooden flooring, and kitchens lined with maple cabinets that are topped by beautiful granite. Looking to start a family in efficient energy saving Austin Houses? We offer bedroom Austin Homes with 2 bathrooms that allow savings on energy. Start saving the environment by investing in Austin real estate today!

NOTE: As a thank you for reading this blog post, we are providing you with a free excerpt from Dan Castro's Book Critical Choices that Change Lives

Once, two experienced kayakers, in separate kayaks, traveled down the Arkansas River through the world famous Royal Gorge in Colorado. The river was at an all-time high because of the heavy snows that winter. The kayakers should not have been on the river that day. As they progressed, they both had to navigate around the same boulders, the same rapids, and the same waterfalls. But suddenly, one of them hit a boulder sideways and hit his head against a rock and died. The other kayaker avoided the boulder and safely made his way down the river. What was the difference between the kayaker who lived and the one who died? Was it the river that determined their fates? Or was it each kayaker’s distinct reaction to what the river threw at him that determined his fate?

Like a rapidly rushing river, life seems to keep throwing things at us in rapid succession, giving us little time to think. We suddenly encounter things we weren't expecting, things we sometimes think we can't handle. But, there is nothing in life we can't handle. All we need to do is believe and make a decision. It’s all up to you. In life there are really only two choices—win or die. I once saw a sign spray-painted on the side of a rusty, beat-up pickup truck. It said, "If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re taking up space." What a great motto!

Consider the life of Joni Eareckson Tada, who became a quadriplegic as a result of a diving accident. She went from being a young, beautiful, independent, athletic woman to being totally dependent on others for even her simplest needs. When she has a bad cold, she can't even blow her nose because she can't move her arms. At first she was bitter. She was mad at the world and bitter at God. However, she has turned this tragedy into a blessing for herself and countless numbers of people. Joni made a decision. She formed an organization called Joni and Friends (JAF), whose sole purpose is to help the disabled all over the world. She draws and paints beautiful pictures with the only resources she has left, her mouth, her eyes, her creative mind, and all of her heart. She has written over twenty books and speaks to thousands of people, helping, inspiring, and motivating them to transform their tragedy into triumph. Her life is a testimony to the fact that no matter how horrible the tragedy you may have experienced, you can rise above it.

Joni’s story teaches us that whether you’re a winner or a loser is a mental attitude. It’s an intentional decision you alone make. The choice is yours. Joni's response to what happened to her has breathed energy back into the souls of those who thought their lives were over. Joni made a decision that her life wasn’t over. It had only just begun.

Look at Candy Lightner, whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She could have spent the rest of her life sulking. But, instead of being mad at the world, she made a decision. She decided to form an organization called Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to turn the tide of the very forces that took her daughter so that others' sons and daughters could be spared. This is a classic example of turning a negative event into a positive force, and improving your own life and the lives of others as a result. This can only happen when we make an internal decision about how to react to what has happened to us. Neither our circumstances nor our feelings about those circumstances should dictate the final result.

Consider Christopher Reeve, who after his tragic horse-riding accident has decided to become a spokesman for the disabled and to help raise funds for research into the reversal of spinal paralysis. Look at Magic Johnson, who decided to turn his HIV diagnosis into an opportunity to teach young people and adults about the dangers of AIDS and the importance of safe sex. Look at the legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong, who decided to turn his cancer diagnosis into a fund-raising platform for cancer research. All of these people could have chosen to wallow in self-pity. They could have chosen to believe their lives were over. But they made a different decision. They decided they could control the impact their personal tragedy would have on their own lives and on the lives of those around them. They decided they had the power to write the final chapter.

Ludwig van Beethoven decided to write his Ninth Symphony even though he was almost entirely deaf. George Frideric Handel decided to write the Hallelujah Chorus while paralyzed from a stroke and hiding from his creditors. What financial challenges are you facing right now? Have you, like Beethoven and Handel, considered what talents and resources you have left and what you can do with them? Have you learned to open your eyes and see as they saw?

Something inside each of these people was so powerful and needed to flow out of them so badly that no physical impairment or personal tragedy could stand in the way. These people believed they had gifts that the world needed. But even the choice to believe was a decision. It was the decision behind the decision. Once this happened, it was as though they had grabbed a lightning rod connected directly to God himself. They were able to see and hear opportunities that no one else saw or heard.

By choosing to believe they could make a difference, they became energized by a power beyond their own and tapped into a source of power higher than themselves, a source bigger than any external tragedy that could afflict their lives. They drank from a well that would fill them up and flow through to others. You see, we often ask life what it has to offer us, when it’s really life that asks what we have to offer the world. What difficulties are knocking at your door and asking what you have to offer the world right now?

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