Re-Charging Our Energy Bus

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Another summer has come and gone, along with our Broker Day and Agent Awards and Retreat. Rick and I want to thank our CEO, Tami Bonnell, Rick O’Neil and Shereese Seevers for their great contributions for our entertainment.

Congratulations to all our award winners, especially Boyd Grainger, EXIT Landmark Realty, Agent of the Year; Chris Underwood, EXIT Premier Realty, Broker of the Year; and “Special” Ed Haraway, EXIT First Realty, Energy Bus Spirit Award!

Rick and I want to thank our son, Rodney Huff, for updating our Energy Bus. He drew the bus by hand with pencil and ink. It involved many hours and weeks of tedious work to achieve perfection. His art degree from the University of Delaware has made us proud!

Now it’s time to focus on our EXIT International Convention, which is in our own backyard!

Mark your calendars for October 16-19 at the Gaylord National Hotel in D.C. It will be a great event and we hope we see everyone there!

Keep Our Energy Bus Rolling!

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Press Release: EXIT Announces 2016 Top 100

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Rick and Carol McDaniel, Regional Owners, EXIT Mid-Atlantic, are very proud of the many Agents and Brokers within our region who were named one of EXIT Realty’s Top 100 producers for 2016.


It takes a lot to reach the levels they attained last year. We are happy to have them with our Mid-Atlantic region and as part of the EXIT Realty Family as a whole. These Agents and Brokers worked hard, and being part of this list is well-deserved recognition of that effort.

We want to take a moment to formally recognize our knowledgeable associates for all of their hard work, and their dedication to their buyers and sellers.


Those Agents and Brokers within our humbled EXIT Mid-Atlantic region who were recognized for Closed Deal Sides were:

Gregory Vurganov, EXIT Preferred Realty (MD) with 173.85

Tim Smith, EXIT Preferred Realty (PA) with 143.66

Corey Lancaster, EXIT Right Realty (MD) with 105.60

Jim Hyatt, Jr. EXIT Results Realty (MD) with 93.33

Jeffrey George, EXIT Preferred Realty (PA) with 90.60

Boyd Grainger, EXIT Landmark Realty (MD) with 79.28

William Young, EXIT Results Realty (MD) with 73.70

Donna Heslop-Adams, EXIT Bennett Realty (MD) with 68.03

Kelly Steichen, EXIT Deluxe Realty (MD) with 62.66


Agents and Brokers reaching Top Gross Commission Income were:

Corey Lancaster, EXIT Right Realty (MD)

Jim Hyatt, Jr. EXIT Results Realty (MD)

Tim Smith, EXIT Preferred Realty (PA)

Boyd Grainger, EXIT Landmark Realty (MD)

Gregory Vurganov, EXIT Preferred Realty (MD)

William Young, EXIT Results Realty (MD)

“Special” Ed Haraway, EXIT First Realty (MD)

Christopher Underwood, EXIT Elite Realty (DC)

George Bryant, Jr., EXIT Elite Realty (MD)

Gilbert Poudrier, EXIT 1 Stop Realty (MD)

Robert Frey, EXIT Results Realty (MD)


“Congratulations to all, and thank you for being part of our esteemed group of real estate professionals,” commented Carol McDaniel. “We couldn’t ask for a better group of professionals who go above and beyond for their clients, and make excellent customer service priority one,” says Rick McDaniel. The EXIT Mid-Atlantic Region looks forward to many more successful years with these, and their many other, qualified associates.


Preparing to Buy

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Automate your saving. It is hard enough to save money when you have other bills and expenses, however, it is even harder when you have to make that choice between spending the money in your checking account or brushing a little aside for saving. Go with the theory, ‘if you don’t see it, you won’t spend it.’ Automatically have a portion of your checking account transfer into a savings account, that way when you check your balance to take care of day to day business, you are spending what’s available minus your savings.


Get that score up. Your credit score is a crucial part of getting any type of loan, especially a home loan. For those with 600 and below credit scores, there are a few companies who will grant you a credit card, although they may request a small down payment. These cards are a great way to work on obtaining credit and increasing your score. If you have reasonable credit debt, don’t pay it all off, pay on it each month keeping the balance to about half, or less, of your available credit. In addition, go ahead and set yourself reminders to pay your bills by their respective due dates.


Window shop: Don’t wait until you are ready to buy, go ahead and start looking around now to see what is available in your desired area and what the prices are. The more you know about what you can afford and what is available, the better prepared you will be when you are ready to work with a realtor. Having a realistic “must-haves” list in the area you want to live in will go a long way to helping you find your dream home.


The Millennials Are Coming

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2017 is expected to be the year of the newbies. First time homebuyers are being slated to dominate the housing market…are you ready to support their not so ordinary needs?

According to Jonathan Smoke for, first-time buyers are more than three times more likely than a repeat buyer to say that they lack the funds for a down payment. Likewise, they are 2.9 times more likely to be held back because they are subject to the terms of a lease. And they are 2.7 times more likely to say that they need to improve their credit score.

A couple tips he has for first timers are these:

1. Understand the importance of improving your credit score, to ensure you can qualify for the lowest mortgage rate.

2. If you think you need to put 20% down, because that’s what your parents did? Think again. It is possible to get a mortgage with less than 5% down. The average down payment in the U.S. so far this year (through September) is 11%.

Get yourself ready for the coming wave of homebuyers and bone up on what their needs might be. Prepare to position yourself as their ally and most reliable source of information as they navigate their way through the homebuying maze.


Game Day! Up Close and Personal

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Fall is my favorite time of the year! The changing of the leaves is spectacular, and we have FOOTBALL!! Ever since our two children went to West Virginia and Virginia Tech, Rick and I became avid college football fans.

It was a little difficult cheering and rooting for both teams when they played against each other. We hung out both flags on game day and tried to be supportive of both sides.

Rick and I later realized it is a lot easier rooting for the Ravens and Eagles.

Stan Bishop, EXIT Real Estate Gallery - Orange Park, and his lovely wife, Elise, invited us to go to the Ravens vs. Jaguars game on Sunday, September 25th. Since the Bishops are sponsors to the Jaguars, we were treated to all the VIP amenities. We were allowed to view the locker room facilities and be on the field to watch the players practice before the game.

The highlight of the day was when John Harbaugh came out onto the field and came over to me. We talked about how we were going to win the game, he gave me a hug and posed for a picture with me!! What a THRILL! It was an experience I will never forget!

LIFE presents itself many opportunities.

All you have to do is reach out and grab it!

~Written by Carol McDaniel


Wealthy Living

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You can live like the rich and famous on your budget. The wealthy tend to look for three key features when searching for a home, now you can too!

An open layout is paramount. With the amount of entertaining they do from day to day, the wealthy are looking for great open floor plans and spacious rooms for all of their elite family and friends to gather.

They are also looking for smart technology. These can be as extravagant as having a remote that controls the blinds and lights in the home, to something as affordable as managing their alarm system, or checking the contents of their refrigerator from their smartpohones.

A last feature they love is energy efficiency. They spend money in a lot of places, but are more reluctant now to spend on high energy costs. With so many options available today, you can find several affordable ideas to incorporate into your home, or your home search.


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Tips for homeowners

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Here are a few tips you can share with your buyers and sellers alike to get, and keep, their homes in tip-top shape.

-Remind your clients that they can expect to spend at least 1% of the home’s value in repairs and maintenance annually.

-If your clients have a water heater that features a built-in water softener, remind them to salt their softener to avoid costly, irreversible damage

-Instruct your clients to be mindful of their home’s humidity levels. Particularly in basements, the level should be somewhere between 30% and 50%.

-Keep your clients vigilant when it comes to termites. A professional check from a trusted inspector once or twice a year can save a lot of heartache and money.

-One last tip is to perform a bi-annual or annual disaster kit check. Basic kits should contain flashlights or lanterns, nonperishable food items for at least 3 days, at least $100 cash – more if they have a larger family, a first aid kit, and a case of bottled water – or the equivalent.



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Rainbows and Sunshine

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It was the BEST of venues, it was the WORST of venues! When planning our Agent Retreat on September 8th, I kept a constant eye on the weather all week long. We all know how weather can make or break an event. Remember last year’s Maryland Convention being canceled 2 days before the event?

The weather forecast was predicting perfect weather. Kent Manor Inn has a beautiful brick patio that I had set up for breakfast dining outside. As I was approaching the venue that morning, I saw RAINDROPS on my windshield! Then, I saw a beautiful rainbow (where there’s a rainbow, there’s rain!) The entire Kent Island was dry, except for a pocket of rain hovering over the venue!

The courteous staff was moving all the outside tables under shelter and wiping away our “liquid sunshine.”

Oh…it gets better!! We had a terrific turnout and the food and speakers couldn’t have been better. I always carry a sweater wherever we go because I always get cold. Around 11am, I nudged Rick at the table asking if he was warm. He said he was comfortable so I thought it was just me. By noon, the place was like an OVEN!

The air conditioning unit couldn’t keep up with cooling the inside due to the HEAT WAVE outside!

All in all, it was a GREAT DAY and we just got a sampling of Paradise Island weather, where there’s always a beautiful rainbow after a spontaneous shower!

Thanks to everyone who came out that day and helped us Celebrate Greatness!


See Everyone in Paradise!

~Written by Carol McDaniel


It's All in the Preparation

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When I was a little girl, every Sunday morning, in the summer, my mom would pack a picnic lunch and dinner and off we’d go crabbing on a little pier in Sea Breeze, NJ. We would tie chicken necks to the end of strings and slowly pull the strings up out of the murky water, hoping to see a crab dangling from the bait. If we had one on our line, we’d quietly whisper to my dad to “Get the net!” He would skillfully scoop the crab up into our crab basket and fill it until we had a bushel to take home to eat. Not only did we crab, but afterward, we’d go to Ocean City, NJ and frolic in the ocean for a couple of hours before heading down to Bridgeton State Park where we ate our picnic dinner. We then headed home to eat crabs. It was a fun filled day, but looking back on those fond memories, I realized it was a LOT of work put on my parents. Preparing the food; preparing the crabbing outing with bait, nets, lines and baskets; and the traveling to all the fun places that we kids just took for granted at the time.

It’s been over 55 years since I enjoyed that crabbing experience with my family. However, an opportunity presented itself to me when a wonderful man, Alberto Gamez, Movement Mortgage, invited our EXIT Mid-Atlantic family on a crabbing expedition after our Broker Retreat, June 2nd and 3rd. It was a fascinating new experience for me to learn “trot line crabbing.”

Alberto showed us how he’s been catching crabs for many, many years. Again, it was a lot of WORK! Running out the baited lines from his boat, being careful not to get them all tangled, and keeping it in a straight line was intriguing! He showed us how to properly scoop the crabs up from the bait while he was reeling in the trot line. He showed us how to hold and measure the size of the crabs without getting “pinched!”

Alberto was a gracious, patient host and also told us how to prep and steam our crabs. By the way…if you’re ever in Kent Island, stop by “It’s the Pits” and say “hi” to Alberto and buy crabs from him. They’re the best in town! Better yet, use him for mortgages for your clients, along with the other Movement Mortgage people ready to help serve you in our region. Movement Mortgage along with Eric Stuerken, Better Qualified, graciously helped sponsor our Broker Retreat Cocktail Reception, which was a GREAT SUCCESS!

Like anything worth doing in life, it’s all in the preparation and hard work that will help you succeed in achieving your goals. A great day of crabbing, or having a wonderful, profitable career in real estate takes a lot of preparation and hard work!

Happy Summer Everyone!

Written by Carol McDaniel, Regional Owner, EXIT Mid-Atlantic


Thinking of Selling? Why Now May Be The Time

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Thinking of Selling? Why Now May Be The Time

Thinking of Selling? Why Now May Be The Time | Keeping Current Matters

It is common knowledge that a large number of homes sell during the spring-buying season. For that reason, many homeowners hold off on putting their home on the market until then. The question is whether or not that will be a good strategy this year.

The other listings that do come out in the spring will represent increased competition to any seller. Do a greater number of homes actually come to the market in the spring, as compared to the rest of the year? The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently revealed which months most people listed their home in for 2015. Here is a graphic showing the results:

2015 Popular Selling Months | Keeping Current Matters

The three months in the second quarter of the year (represented in red) are consistently the most popular months for sellers to list their homes on the market. Last year, the number of homes available for sale in January was 1,860,000.

That number spiked to 2,280,000 by May!

What does this mean to you?

With the national job situation improving, and mortgage interest rates projected to rise later in the year, buyers are not waiting until the spring. They are out looking for a home right now. If you are looking to sell this year, waiting until the spring to list your home means you will have the greatest competition for a buyer.

Bottom Line

It may make sense to beat the rush of housing inventory that will enter the market in the spring and list your home today.

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