Choosing the Best Real Estate CRM

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Whether you’re a new Realtor who’s looking for a way to manage all your new contacts, or a seasoned vet who’s fed up with your current system, having a good customer relationship management (CRM) solution is crucial in today’s market. Here are a few tips for sifting through all the options to find the best CRM for you and your real estate business.




Know what you need and what you don't



Before committing to a real estate CRM, it’s important to determine what you want out of your software. Some will recommend a solution that takes care of every aspect of the sales and marketing process (we call these power users); others say these all-in-one applications tend to be mediocre at everything. We at Track The Lead have found the sweet spot to merge simplicity and power.



Whatever your opinion, it’s important to decide how many bells and whistles you really need—and are willing to pony up the cash for. Do you just want an easy way to manage your contacts? Are you interested in tracking, managing, mailing, temptlating and other things you might never use? Do you want web building and marketing tools on top of that? Answer these questions before diving in, and you’ll save yourself time, money, and headaches in the long run.




Make sure it comes with the right training



Sure it's simple and easy to use but no matter how easy it is to use their will always be questions. Make sure a CRM comes with the right training videos to get you going. As we are all visual learners this helps tremendously with setting up a new system. Training also comes in handy when learning the right kind of tactics in order to use our CRM to the fullest. Here at Track the Lead we not only build a high quality system, we teach you how to use it backwards and forwards.



We also train on tactics that involve new marketing through social media and blogging. We give you the tools and the tricks to accelerate your business to the next level. Make sure to sign up through our newsletter to get up to date coverage.




Keep it simple and lightweight



Unfortunately, many real estate CRMs focus so much on trying to solve all your problems that they create new ones with respect to usability. The best CRMs strike a balance between function and form, offering just enough valuable features but not so many that the user interface is difficult to understand.



While complex, feature-rich software may have been the order of the day ten years ago, the advent of mobile devices and apps has made simplicity a key virtue. Indeed, one strategy for gauging a CRM’s user interface is to evaluate the mobile apps and solutions it offers. If they’re strong, the company probably has its UI priorities in order; if they’re weak or nonexistent, it may reflect a thorny desktop app.




Conversation with an Agent

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I had an interesting conversation with a new user of Track The Lead yesterday about how she will use the Real Estate CRM. She had some goals that she was trying to accomplish, and was trying to fit Track The Lead into her plan. We actually spent 45 minutes on the phone, not because I wanted her to join our software, but because I genuinely wanted to help her.


She was looking for a system that generated email campaigns for leads generated from a post card campaign and eventually an online campaign. After a long discussion I did tell her that Track the Lead is a real estate crm, not an email incubator. I was able to direct her to a system I actually use for that purpose, which I believe will be a perfect match for her.

So how could help her? is a Real Estate Lead follow up system. This system is used to track potential clients, those that have risen their hand and said, “yes” I do plan on buying a home now or in the near future. We follow the concept of quality over quantity. Both concepts will work, I have seen it many times. From my experience, most Realtors become overwhelmed with following up too many leads.

Track the lead is a simple system. Used to track quality leads and past clients. Give Track the lead a try. You can go to and register. There is no obligation, and no contracts.

  Track the Lead is a real estate CRM system along the lines of top producer, realty juggler, salesforce, all clients, market leader, zoho and many others. It is true that many of these have more functions, none of them are as simple. Go To and give them a try.

Very simple Real Estate CRM

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We asked a few users of their experience with  Here is what they had to say:


Valerie Wiliamson, Realtor San Antonio.  " I like that I was able to understand the data base, and use it quickly.  It is pretty straight forward.  The database I was using was o.k.  but not nearly as simple."


Reggie Hock, Realtor.  "I was using two real estate crm products, trying to figure out which one I wanted to use.  I was referred over to Track The Lead and really liked how simple it was.  I started using the program and stopped using the other two.  And I couldn't beat the price."


Helping to simplify Realtors lives by providing a tool that is simple and easy to use.  That's what we do.



Track the Lead is a real estate CRM system along the lines of top producer, realty juggler, salesforce, all clients, market leader, zoho and many others. It may be true that many of these have more functions, none of them are as simple. Go To and give them a try.

Real Estate Databases are Difficult!

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You hear it time and time again, "Real estate database are difficult". What is the one thing you need to do in real estate to be successful? Lead Generation? No. In today’s real estate world obtaining leads is easy. If you have a hundred dollars, you can buy leads. Your broker will give you leads. You can do an open house, or place an add online. There are many ways to get leads. I see it every day. I see agents get 50, 100 or more leads a month. And then they barely squeak by. Why is that?


It’s because the leads suck. No, that’s not it. Are you kidding me, out of 50 or 100 people raising their hand telling you they are interested in buying or selling, you’re telling me they all suck? No way. Have you ever heard the saying:


“Fortunes in the Follow up.”


Well that saying is true. More so today than ever. I hear this complaint from many customers I have worked with, “The Realtor never called me back”. After one conversation, there was no more. Then I stepped in. And I followed up. And I made money.


So why is the follow up game so difficult? Because it’s complicated. Well at least that is what many people believe. They were told by their broker, or their sales manager, “Go get a database management system.” And they did. And man, I gotta tell you, from my own experience, most of the database systems are complicated. This one I looked into just recently was proud that they had a 115 page manual and 65 videos on how to use the system. I mean really. Does follow up have to be that difficult? One I used had 100 different email campaigns I could put people on. That is at least 1000 different emails. And many of them had to be changed with my information. Difficult? Yes. Cumbersome? Yes. I get into the mundane sometimes, but this was ridiculous. And that was just the email part. Not to mention the other 25 things I was told I should do.


Analysis paralysis

Analysis paralysis




I mean really. What do people looking to buy or sell want? Recipe cards right. No. Information. Information on the neighborhood they are moving into, or out of. Or if it’s a past client current sales and offerings in their neighborhood. So why do we do all this other peripheral stuff? Because the Guru’s tell us to. That’s what they did when they hit it big. In the 80’s, or 70’s. When the only computer they had was a calculator. And they were the only choice, because people couldn’t go to the Google machine and find any of a thousand Realtors, all who seem to specialize on the street they live on, or are moving to.


When I train someone, I train them on obtaining leads, and following up with them. And the follow up is simple. Talk to them about Real estate. A new home in the area they are interested in, be it a sale, expired or whatever. It doesn’t matter, just so they hear your voice and your name. Find out when they are moving. And be there when they are ready. It is that simple. Really. You will get 1 out of 2. Why? Because no one else is following up because they are busy putting together their monthly newsletter with the latest coupon in the neighborhood deli.


That is why we developed Track the Lead. A simple follow up system that is up and running in five minutes. You learn to use in five minutes. That’s it. 10 minutes. It is so simple you will think it doesn’t work. But it does. And you do not get into "Analysis Paralysis" thinking about what to do.


Track The Lead is a CRM database meant to make follow up easy. We help Realtors Think Less, and Do More.


Don’t believe me? Give it a try. For FREE! After 24 hours just pay. No I’m kidding. Try it free for 30 Days.


Yes, 30 days for FREE. No Credit Card Required up front. Try it out, with no risk.



Don’t be intimidated any longer. Follow up is easy, if you let it be.


Track the Lead is a real estate CRM system along the lines of top producer, realty juggler, salesforce, all clients, market leader, zoho and many others. It may be true that many of these have more functionality, none of them are as simple. Go To and give them a try.


Is Renting Right for You?

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If moving to a new home is in your immediate future, you may be wavering on what to do with your current home.  Sometimes, making a quick move doesn't allow time to sell, or the market simply won't support the price you need for your property.  At this point, the question becomes:  Should you rent or not?  If you are moving to or from the West Columbia area and are facing this dilemma, our article today may have some answers for you. There are many things to consider when renting your home, so take a look below for some simple tips. Let us help you make the right decision as you make your move.

Should You Rent Your Home?

If you, like 68 percent of Americans, own your own home, the thought has probably crossed your mind: if you were to be offered your dream job out of state, should you sell or rent your home? Naturally there are many factors to weigh before making such an important decision.


First, you'll want to think about your reasons for keeping ownership of the home. Do you like the home so much that you want to hold on to it in case you ever move back? Are you looking for an extra tax break through property depreciation? Do you want to use the home as a basis for retirement investment?

These are all fine reasons for retaining ownership, but there are other factors to consider that may outweigh the perceived benefits. For instance, are you prepared to be a long-distance landlord, hiring someone to maintain and manage the property for you? There are other costs involved as well, such as advertising costs, turning costs (cleaning and painting between tenants), property taxes and insurance, utilities paid out of your pocket when your property is between tenants, and accounting costs. In order to assess these costs, you should research the numbers in your market. Expenses often run 30 to 40 percent of income before the monthly mortgage cost.

The one time you probably would not want to rent out your property is if you’ve recently purchased it. Unless there’s a housing shortage in the market, the costs will outweigh the benefits to rent it out.


The ABCs of Property Rental

Okay, so you’ve decided to rent out your home. Where do you start? First, you need to get the house into tip-top shape in order to get the highest reasonable rent. This includes:


  • Interior painting — your best bet is to use neutral colors. Don't forget to patch cracks and nail holes in walls.
  • Exterior painting or siding — again, a nice neutral color scheme is best.
  • Prefessionally clean or replace carpets.
  • Make sure your home insulation is adequate to cut down on utility bills.
  • Don’t leave any furniture or accessories behind that you want to keep. Furniture in rental properties gets burned, scratched, dented, broken, and sometimes permanently “borrowed.”
  • Clean the house from top to bottom. Consider hiring a heavy-duty cleaning service (not a maid service) to do it for you.
  • Fix whatever needs fixing, and tune up and clean appliances. If they are part of the rental agreement, you’ll be responsible for fixing or replacing them if they break down.
  • Set the proper rent price. While cleanliness, attractiveness, and amenities are important, location still rules when setting prices. Contact a property management company to find out prices they’re seeing in your area, and look in the real estate section of your Sunday paper for similar houses on the rent market. If you set your price too high, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a tenant. If you ask too low a rent, prospective tenants may wonder what’s wrong with the place.


Should You Hire a Property Management Company?

This is especially important if you’re moving far away from the house and won’t be able to keep an eye on things. It’s not absolutely essential to hire a property manager, but it can make your life a little easier. Ask for referrals, and interview at least three different companies (in the Yellow Pages under "Property Management";). Points you’ll want to cover during the interview:


  1. Accreditation. While not imperative, it’s wise to deal only with firms that are Accredited Management Organizations (AMOs).
  2. References. Don’t just ask for them — contact them and ask pointed questions.
  3. Tenant screening. If you’re interested in keeping your house in good condition, your property management firm should have a thorough screening process in place.
  4. Contact. Can you phone, email, or fax your property manager? Do they have a 24-hour emergency number?
  5. Experience. How long have they been in business? Are their employees professional and experienced?
  6. Vacancy rates. Find out the average time it takes to turn the property when it’s vacant.
  7. Maintenance. How long does it take to repair problems? Is maintenance handled internally or through an outside contractor?
  8. Reporting. Ask if it’s standard procedure to get a monthly report and copies of all bills.
  9. Evictions. How are they handled?
  10. Insurance. Determine how much insurance the company carries and through whom they carry it.
  11. Fee structure.
  12. Inspection. Does the manager or an outside party do the inspection?
  13. Customer service. Can you talk to the owner of the company if you want? How do they take care of tenants?
  14. Special services. Are there any incentives or special services they offer?


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How to Improve the Performance of Your Home

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How to Improve the Performance of Your Home  

According to a new National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Remodelers survey, high-performing, Low-emissive (Low-E) windows are the most common green building products used by residential remodelers. To kick off National Home Remodeling Month in May, NAHB released the survey results, which highlight the most common building features that home owners are using to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.


"The improved availability and affordability of high-performing building products means energy-efficient features are being incorporated into more home improvement projects," said NAHB Remodelers Chair Paul Sullivan. "Remodeling can not only improve the overall layout and features of a home, but depending on the upgrades you choose, you can also save money on utilities, improve indoor air quality and strengthen the long-term value of your home."


The most popular green building features in the survey of residential remodelers in the first quarter of 2014 are:


* High performance windows including Low-E and Argon gas windows
* High efficiency HVAC systems
* Programmable thermostats
* ENERGY STAR appliances


Other popular features include ceiling fans, moisture control products such as bathroom fans, water conserving fixtures and high performance insulation.

The usage of technology to improve a home's performance has increased dramatically during recent years. Seventy percent of remodelers said they used programmable thermostats, an increase from 42 percent in 2011. Sixty-two percent of remodelers used ceiling fans in their remodels, compared to 37 percent in 2011.


Over the next five years, the percentage of remodelers who expect to be doing more than 60 percent of their projects green will double, according to the McGraw Hill Construction green building study in conjunction with NAHB.


"The lower operating and maintenance costs of energy-efficient homes are a compelling reason for more home owners to incorporate green features in their remodeling designs," said Sullivan. "A professional remodeler can help maximize the benefits of including these features in a remodel. The survey results provide useful examples of ways to increase a home's efficiency, decrease costs and take advantage of the other benefits that high performance green homes offer."


Matthew T. Smoot-Your "Whatever it Takes" REALTOR®
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REO's in Parkville, MD

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REO's in Parkville




The number of REO's has increased by 20% since Januay of this year.  This is what we call the "shadow inventory" that is slowly being released by the banks and being listed for sale.   Keep in mind that the properties are going to be a little run down because they have been vacant for so long in some cases.  Here are a few examples of what we have available at this time.








View Details8 photos




$389,000.003 beds, 3.5 baths2487 sq. no. BC8317118







Single Family HomeBeautiful Colonial with large rooms on 1 acre level lot with swimming pool and...Courtesy of Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.




Locate on map




View Details24 photos




$169,000.003 beds, 1.5 bathsmls no. BC8272184







Single Family HomeFannie Mae Homepath property. Buy for as little as 5% down. Property is approved...Courtesy of Century 21 Downtown




Locate on map




View Details10 photos




$92,900.002 beds, 1 bathsmls no. BC8307669







Single Family HomeSeller will pay up to 3.5% in closing costs for owner occupants who purchase...Courtesy of Rosselle Realty Services




Locate on map




View Details6 photos




$69,900.003 beds, 1 bathsmls no. BC8324015










**Private Sale** Not an REO or Short sale** Great property to buy for rental or to...












Parkville Homes for Sale, , Realtor with Exit Preferred Realty, Parkville, MD, your faithful resource in Real Estate, providing solutions to all your Real Estate needs.  Whether you are buying, selling, or have questions about Real Estate in Parkville, MD, Rosedale, MD or Middle River, MD areas.




(443) 366-4624















EXIT Realty Southern California March 2014 Awards

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EXIT Realty Southern California

  March 2014 Awards

The following awards are for offices:

Gross Commissions

1) EXIT Twin Advantage Realty

2) EXIT Realty Blaine Associates

3) EXIT Alliance Realty

Number of Ends

1) EXIT Twin Advantage Realty

2) EXIT Alliance Realty

3)  EXIT Realty Blaine Associates


1)  EXIT Alliance Realty

2*) EXIT Realty Blaine Associates

2*) EXIT Twin Advantage Realty

3) EXIT Strategy Realty


1) EXIT Twin Advantage Realty

(Ties for #2)

EXIT Realty Blaine Associates

EXIT Realty Welcome Home

Production (Ends/Agents) 5+ Agents

1) EXIT Strategy Realty

2) EXIT Team Realty

3) EXIT Castillo Realty


Production (Listings/Agents) 5+Agents

1) EXIT Strategy Realty

2) EXIT Castillo Realty

3) EXIT Alliance Realty

The following awards are for Agents:

Gross Commissions

1) Estella Cline (EXIT  Twin Advantage Realty)

2) Wayne Furlong (EXIT Twin Advantage Realty)

3) Charlie Okada (EXIT Alliance Realty)

Number of Ends

1) Charlie Okada (EXIT Alliance Realty)

2) Marie LoPresto (EXIT Twin Advantage Realty)

Ties for #3

Beverly Bower (EXIT Realty Blaine Associates)

Jay Goyal (EXIT Imperial Realty)

David Gastelum (EXIT Imperial Realty)

Ken McCord (EXIT Team Realty)



1) Charlie Okada (EXIT Alliance Realty)

2) John Butler IV (EXIT Twin Advantage Realty)

3*) Elissa Seals (EXIT Strategy Realty)

3*) Curtis O'Brien (EXIT Strategy Realty)


1) Jason Friend (EXIT Twin Advantage Realty)

2) Daniel Bathurst (EXIT Realty Welcome Home)

(Ties for #3)

Barbara Blaine (EXIT Realty Blaine Associates)


Mac McManus (EXIT Realty Blaine Associates)

Mary Baesen (EXIT Twin Advantage Realty)

James Ward (EXIT Real Estate Group)

Denise Schaack (EXIT Alliance Realty)

Note: * indicates a tie


Real Estate Franchises in Southern California- Kristen L. Maley (Regional Administrator, EXIT Realty Southern California) Exit Realty is a real estate industry leader. EXIT Realty Southern California incorporates proven, professional, state of the art techniques specializing in technology, internet, support, teaching, training, and coaching for brokers, owners and agents. Prime Franchise Territories Available in Southern California. Phone: 760-952-2345

Helping Realtors Think Less, and Do More

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TTL Teal background logo

Track The Lead


It is easier to do more, when things are simple.  Systems are great, until they become complicated.  Most Realtors are productive when what they do is simple. There has been a common theme in real estate and real estate technology, that the more you do for a client, the more "stuff" you give them, the more successful you will be.

All of this additional stuff often leads to analysis Paralysis.  We as Realtors think too much about what to do, instead of doing.  So what we at Track The Lead have set out to do, is keep Realtors business lives simple.  We intend to build a suite of tools that will help you to talk to and convert more clients, without all of the complications that people say you need.

The first part of the suite is the CRM, or Database Management System.  This Realtor Database is set up so that you, the Realtor, can use it from the start, with little to no training.  A simple walk through video, and short training videos, will be enough, that you will understand the system, and begin using immediately.  You can access these videos on the Track The Lead Blog as they become available.

Right now, you can use the system for FREE.  We want your feed back.  We want to know what you, the Realtor wants.

Feel Free to sign up at  For our early users, you will have access for at least 3 months free, and then only $10 a month after that.

We are excited to bring this awesome experience to you.

Johnny Morrow, Track the Lead

Exit Realtor Broker

Keeping your Carbon Footprint Small

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There is a lot of talk these days about environmental responsibility and keeping our planet clean.  From recycling tips to composting and even organic foods, efforts to improve our planet can be evidenced everywhere, from the capital city to our very own West Columbia, SC.  If you are environmentally conscious, but not sure where to start, we can help.  Our article today discusses ways to help reduce your carbon footprint.  You may be surprised how simple it can be to contribute to the health of our planet.

Reduce the Size of Your Carbon Footprint

We keep hearing about carbon footprints, and if you’re like most people, you aren’t even sure what that means. Prepare to be educated. A carbon footprint is a measure of how much carbon dioxide you personally generate per year. By burning fossil fuels for transportation and energy, we create carbon dioxide, what’s thought to be the most abundant of several greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, according to some scientists, trap heat around the planet, creating a greenhouse effect and consequently warming the planet. This phenomenon, for which human activity may be at least partly responsible, is the main factor in climate change.


The first thing we need to do is accurately measure our own carbon footprint. There are calculators galore available on the Internet, of course, but why not use a government site? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a calculator at /emissions/ind_calculator.html. It will lead you step by step through a quiz that will give you an idea of the size of your carbon footprint.
If you’re like most Americans, you’re personally responsible for approximately 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. That’s a lot of gas. But there are things you can do to reduce your shoe size:

  • Be green in your yard. Use a push mower. If you do use a power mower, make sure it is a mulching mower to reduce grass clippings. Compost your food and yard waste to reduce the amount of garbage you send to landfills.


  • Heat and cool smartly. Clean air filters regularly and having your heating and cooling equipment tuned up annually by a licensed contractor. And when it's time to replace your old equipment, choose a high efficiency model, and make sure it is properly sized and installed.


  • Look for ENERGY STAR qualified products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.


  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Recycle your newspapers, beverage containers, paper and other goods. Use products in containers that can be recycled and items that can be repaired or reused. Support recycling markets by buying products made from recycled materials.


  • Replace conventional lightbulbs in your five most frequently used light fixtures with bulbs that have the ENERGY STAR. If every household in the U.S. took this one simple action we would prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions from nearly 10 million cars.


  • Seal and insulate your home. The biggest leaks are usually found in the attic and basement. If you replace windows, choose ENERGY STAR qualified windows for better performance. Seal and insulate any ducts in attics and crawlspaces. Not sure where to begin? A home energy auditor can also help you find air leaks, areas with poor insulation, and evaluate the overall energy efficiency of your home.


  • Use green power. Green power is environmentally friendly electricity that is generated from renewable energy sources such as wind and the sun. You can buy green power or you can modify your house to generate your own green power. Install solar panels or research incentives for renewable energy in your state.


  • Use water efficiently. Look for products with EPA's WaterSense label; these products save water and perform as well or better than their less efficient counterparts. Water your lawn and landscaping only when needed, and do it during the coolest part of the day. Turn the water off while shaving or brushing teeth. Do not use your toilet as a waste basket Repair all toilet and faucet leaks right away.


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