Sharpening Your Tools

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We have a lot of exciting changes happening in our region! But with these changes, the old rule still always takes a lot longer than expected.

In the meantime, we have 2 great training opportunities coming up in March that we want everyone to take advantage of. Rick O’Neil will be in our region March 7th to present “Sponsoring the Heart of EXIT.” This training will be held at EXIT Community Realty in Lanham, Maryland from 9AM - 5PM.

The following 2 days, Rick O’Neil will nurture new Ambassadors into our EXIT Family. Ambassador Training will take place at EXIT Community Realty in Lanham, Maryland, March 8th and 9th from 8:30AM - 4:30PM.

Please plan to attend these two GREAT training seminars.

Remember...Good Agents Are Born; GREAT Agents Are Trained!


Annette Anthony Comes to Town

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Annette Anthony, Real Estate Technology Expert, joins the Mid-Atlantic region on Wednesday, January 11th for a 2 session seminar geared toward business plans, leveraging contacts and how to use technology to dominate your market. Each session has been designed to speak specifically to Brokers and Agents respectively.

Show up to also find out about the latest in virtual reality technology in real estate. Great photos from your laptop or tablet are great, but is it possible to have a home tour from your office that makes the buyer feel like they are actually in the home? Join us Wednesday to find out…


EXIT Mid-Atlantic Partners with The CE Shop

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EXIT Mid-Atlantic has partnered with The CE Shop, the leader in online real estate education. We know our members' time is valuable and trying to stay on top of business and family priorities can be a challenge--especially as your license expiration date nears.

That's why we've partnered with The CE Shop--to give you more flexibility and control over how to meet your Continuing Education requirements. All our members benefit from our co-branded course website. This means you have a one-stop shop that lists the courses you need and describes them in full detail so you know what's offered before you enroll.

Go to at any time to review and purchase the courses you need. You can start your course immediately or come back to it later.

The CE Shop's courses not only provide the most relevant and current information, and are delivered in user-friendly language, but you also have the added benefit of pausing and bookmarking at any time during your course. You can then return to your learning environment when you have the free time to do so.

Go to to check out the site today!


Continue Learning and Continue Growing

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You can never know enough about the real estate business. From getting and managing fresh leads to closing the deal, you never want your knowledge base to go stale. EXIT provides you with many resources and opportunities to stay up to date on the most relevant real estate information, processes and technological advancements.

Take advantage of the many trainings and seminars offered to you on a regular basis. Monthly webinars and techinars, interactive trainings offered by Key Yessaad and Kevin Ahearn, Ambassador trainings and many other learning opportunities can be found on the EXIT Mid-Atlantic website or by logging into your Resource Center. You can also always speak with an EXIT Broker or Agent for information regarding any upcoming trainings or seminars.

Attending trainings and seminars on a regular basis not only keeps you engaged, motivated and in the know, but it also allows you the opportunity to network, which is a huge advantage in itself.

As you continue learning and staying up to date in your field, you are ensuring your continued growth and financial security.


Visit EXIT Mid-Atlantic at REALTOR Fest 2016

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Come out to the GCAAR REALTOR® Fest on Monday, July 18th at the Bethesda North Marriott. While you are there taking advantage of the many networking opportunities, be sure to also settle in to some of the many courses that will be offered and go home with up to 9 continuing education hours from MD, DC and VA.

Pre-Register online today here: Online registration ends at midnight tonight, however, onsite registration will be available when you arrive on the 18th.

When you have a moment in between courses, as you are walking around taking in the many exhibitors, be sure to stop by and say “hi” to one of our regional sponsors, MovementMortgage, and come see our own EXIT Mid-Atlantic booth.

This event is set up to be a great educational and networking opportunity your colleagues will be talking about for a long time. Don’t cut yourself out of the potential business growth advantage to be gained through attending.

We look forward to seeing you there!


EXIT Mid-Atlantic Welcomes Richard Flint

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Renowned speaker and author, Richard Flint, is hosting two great seminars for the EXIT Mid-Atlantic region. He has been sharing his insights and expertise with audiences all across North America since 1980.

On April 21st, he will host Brokers in the morning to share with them the secret behind No Excuse Management. This seminar will place its focus on honing your leadership skills and relating those skills to the real estate business environment.

On the same day, he will host both Agents and Brokers in the afternoon to discuss the importance of moving past the “what ifs” of life that hold you back and rising above your self-imposed limitations.

Get your ticket today to learn from one of the top personal development speakers in America. You will leave enriched and energized to kick your real estate career into high gear!

Brokers, register here.

Agents, register here.

Energy Efficient Austin Homes

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Wanting to find Austin real estate that’s energy saving but doesn't make your wallet want to run away? Find what you are looking for right now! There are many Houses in Austin, but we offer only the best, including Austin Houses that offer energy saving features such as Compact Florescent Lighting and Energy saving appliances. Who says energy efficient Homes in Austin have to look like the 60's? We have one story Austin Homes with amenities such as wooden flooring, and kitchens lined with maple cabinets that are topped by beautiful granite. Looking to start a family in efficient energy saving Austin Houses? We offer bedroom Austin Homes with 2 bathrooms that allow savings on energy. Start saving the environment by investing in Austin real estate today!

NOTE: As a thank you for reading this blog post, we are providing you with a free excerpt from Dan Castro's Book Critical Choices that Change Lives

Once, two experienced kayakers, in separate kayaks, traveled down the Arkansas River through the world famous Royal Gorge in Colorado. The river was at an all-time high because of the heavy snows that winter. The kayakers should not have been on the river that day. As they progressed, they both had to navigate around the same boulders, the same rapids, and the same waterfalls. But suddenly, one of them hit a boulder sideways and hit his head against a rock and died. The other kayaker avoided the boulder and safely made his way down the river. What was the difference between the kayaker who lived and the one who died? Was it the river that determined their fates? Or was it each kayaker’s distinct reaction to what the river threw at him that determined his fate?

Like a rapidly rushing river, life seems to keep throwing things at us in rapid succession, giving us little time to think. We suddenly encounter things we weren't expecting, things we sometimes think we can't handle. But, there is nothing in life we can't handle. All we need to do is believe and make a decision. It’s all up to you. In life there are really only two choices—win or die. I once saw a sign spray-painted on the side of a rusty, beat-up pickup truck. It said, "If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re taking up space." What a great motto!

Consider the life of Joni Eareckson Tada, who became a quadriplegic as a result of a diving accident. She went from being a young, beautiful, independent, athletic woman to being totally dependent on others for even her simplest needs. When she has a bad cold, she can't even blow her nose because she can't move her arms. At first she was bitter. She was mad at the world and bitter at God. However, she has turned this tragedy into a blessing for herself and countless numbers of people. Joni made a decision. She formed an organization called Joni and Friends (JAF), whose sole purpose is to help the disabled all over the world. She draws and paints beautiful pictures with the only resources she has left, her mouth, her eyes, her creative mind, and all of her heart. She has written over twenty books and speaks to thousands of people, helping, inspiring, and motivating them to transform their tragedy into triumph. Her life is a testimony to the fact that no matter how horrible the tragedy you may have experienced, you can rise above it.

Joni’s story teaches us that whether you’re a winner or a loser is a mental attitude. It’s an intentional decision you alone make. The choice is yours. Joni's response to what happened to her has breathed energy back into the souls of those who thought their lives were over. Joni made a decision that her life wasn’t over. It had only just begun.

Look at Candy Lightner, whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She could have spent the rest of her life sulking. But, instead of being mad at the world, she made a decision. She decided to form an organization called Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to turn the tide of the very forces that took her daughter so that others' sons and daughters could be spared. This is a classic example of turning a negative event into a positive force, and improving your own life and the lives of others as a result. This can only happen when we make an internal decision about how to react to what has happened to us. Neither our circumstances nor our feelings about those circumstances should dictate the final result.

Consider Christopher Reeve, who after his tragic horse-riding accident has decided to become a spokesman for the disabled and to help raise funds for research into the reversal of spinal paralysis. Look at Magic Johnson, who decided to turn his HIV diagnosis into an opportunity to teach young people and adults about the dangers of AIDS and the importance of safe sex. Look at the legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong, who decided to turn his cancer diagnosis into a fund-raising platform for cancer research. All of these people could have chosen to wallow in self-pity. They could have chosen to believe their lives were over. But they made a different decision. They decided they could control the impact their personal tragedy would have on their own lives and on the lives of those around them. They decided they had the power to write the final chapter.

Ludwig van Beethoven decided to write his Ninth Symphony even though he was almost entirely deaf. George Frideric Handel decided to write the Hallelujah Chorus while paralyzed from a stroke and hiding from his creditors. What financial challenges are you facing right now? Have you, like Beethoven and Handel, considered what talents and resources you have left and what you can do with them? Have you learned to open your eyes and see as they saw?

Something inside each of these people was so powerful and needed to flow out of them so badly that no physical impairment or personal tragedy could stand in the way. These people believed they had gifts that the world needed. But even the choice to believe was a decision. It was the decision behind the decision. Once this happened, it was as though they had grabbed a lightning rod connected directly to God himself. They were able to see and hear opportunities that no one else saw or heard.

By choosing to believe they could make a difference, they became energized by a power beyond their own and tapped into a source of power higher than themselves, a source bigger than any external tragedy that could afflict their lives. They drank from a well that would fill them up and flow through to others. You see, we often ask life what it has to offer us, when it’s really life that asks what we have to offer the world. What difficulties are knocking at your door and asking what you have to offer the world right now?

New Homes in Austin

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Are you moving? Looking for new homes in Austin? Well look no further! We have all the resources you need! Our trained agents can find you anything, including gorgeous 1 story Austin homes on over half an acre! Have you always dreamed of owning Austin real estate with a hot tub? Done! Do you want tons of storage? Just ask! We can find you houses in Austin with or without fireplaces, Austin houses with huge closets, anything you could ask for! We also have real estate in Austin that's great for families with kids! Quiet low traffic neighborhoods and schools within walking distance! For people with an active lifestyle, we can also find you houses in Austin near greenbelts with neighborhood pools & tennis courts, just a short walk down the sidewalk! Don't wait! Find a great selection of Austin homes today!


NOTE: As a thank you for reading this blog post, we are providing you with a free excerpt from Dan Castro’s book CRITICAL CHOICES THAT CHANGE LIVES.



Once there was a wise old prophet known far and wide for his ability to solve any puzzle. A brazen youth came up with a strategy to stump the prophet. He decided to bring the man a bird held behind his back. He would ask the prophet whether the bird was dead or alive. Then depending on the prophet's answer, he would either squeeze the bird's neck to kill it or let it live. One day, the young man approached the prophet and with his hands behind his back said, "Old man, tell me whether the bird I hold in my hand is alive or dead." The prophet paused for a long moment and stared into the young man's eyes. The young man smiled, thinking he had gotten the best of the old man. After a long silence, the prophet declared, "It is as you would have it."


So it is in life. Many times, we are faced with difficult choices that seem to have no right answer—crises that demand an answer now, with little time to study the options. But the outcome always depends not on the circumstances but on our reaction to the circumstances. In the words of the prophet, “It is as we would have it.” Few things in life are truly beyond our control. No matter what comes our way, we can always influence the outcome, even if ever so slightly. Even during those times when circumstances and events take place in our lives that seem to turn our whole world upside down, the final impact it has on our lives is still largely up to us. The decisions we make determine the final impact.


By now, the story of Nazi death camp survivor Viktor Frankl is well known. Many behavioral scientists, psychiatrists, motivational speakers and preachers have analyzed how Frankl was able to survive and prosper in the midst of great sorrow and extreme difficulty. I will only briefly discuss the story here for those who may not have heard it.


While Viktor Frankl was in a Nazi death camp, a Nazi soldier noticed that he was wearing a wedding band. He forced Frankl to stand naked in the cold and stretch out his arms. Then the soldier pulled the ring off of Frankl’s weak, frail finger and threw it in the mud and stomped on it. It was the last remaining possession Frankl owned.


But as he stood there naked, Frankl realized he still had one thing left that the Nazis could not take from him: the power to choose his outlook on life; the power to determine how he would react to his captors; the power to keep believing and to keep going. The undying belief that he would one day be free was the source of energy that kept him alive until the Allied Forces defeated Germany and he was ultimately freed. There was no reason for Frankl to believe except his choice to believe. This was more important to his survival than food and warmth.


We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it. For example, if your car starts to skid out of control on a wet road, experts tell us you have two options. You could either slam on the brakes, which would exaggerate the skid and cause you to lose control completely, or you could slowly release your foot from the gas pedal and turn in the direction of the skid, which would bring you out of the skid. You have a split second to make a decision. Which action you take could determine whether you live or die. It is your decision, therefore, not the wet road, that determines the final outcome. If you could practice the proper maneuver over and over in a controlled setting, it could save your life one day. But, unfortunately, most of the crises we face in life don’t come with a dress rehearsal. There are, however, some crises that are predictable and for which you can and should prepare.


Commercial airplane pilots, as part of their training, are exposed to predictable emergencies in flight simulators so that they can learn how to react in a real crisis. This training teaches them which decisions to make quickly when time is critical. Usually the answers to every flying emergency are readily available, but untrained pilots tend to panic and not think of the options they have in time to prevent tragedy. Private pilots are not required to go through this simulated decision-making process. As a result, private pilots have accidents 200 times more frequently than do commercial airline pilots. You see, it’s not whether your plane stalls that determines whether you live or die; it’s how you react when your plane stalls that determines your fate. How a pilot reacts is dependent on the split-second decisions he or she makes.


In the U.S. Army, the Rangers, an elite fighting force, are required as part of their training to go through rigorous survival training in which they must eat bugs and leaves and suffer extreme physical conditions. This training teaches them that they can do anything they need to do in order to live. This training builds confidence, layer by layer, and leaves well-worn paths and patterns in their brains that they can follow instinctively if they ever encounter a similar situation in real life. They come to believe that even when they are in grave danger, there might be alternatives to death, if they choose to exercise them. This belief allows them to see potential sources of food, shelter and weapons that others might not see.



Remember, if you are buying or selling real estate in Austin, contact Rose Castro at Austin Options Realty.

4 Thing to Consider When Blogging

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Real Estate Blog Rules

This is the second in a multi part series on real estate blogging. Go here to see the introduction: Intro to real estate blogging. Before you start blogging, take some serious time to determine who your target audience is going to be. Which niche do you want to receive leads from.

First, what is your goal for blogging?

My goal was to have my website appear on page one of Google. If I get to page one, then I will receive real estate leads, based on how my blog interacts with my website. I hope this is your goal as well. If it is not, maybe you just need a newsletter to go out to your database.

Second, is the market I am considering always going to be there?

When I decided on seller financing, I had investors in my pocket who wanted to hold the notes, so it was an easy decision. When the laws changed, many of those investors went away, and making a sale became more difficult. So my advice is to choose to go after something tangible, that will always be available, and in demand. Just a few examples may be an area of town, subdivision, gated community, condo development, water front properties, golf course homes, Victorian style, acreage, etc, etc… Stay away from basing your blog on things that lawmakers can change, such as owner financing or temporary rebates. If you want to blog about those items, and it is a good idea, go ahead, but don’t make it the main focus of your blog.

Third, how big is the market?

This is important. If you love old rustic homes that have no indoor plumbing but use an outhouse, that’s great. But is there a market for that? Do people want to buy a home with no indoor plumbing? Well maybe if you live in Amish country in Pennsylvania, but then you would have to do flyers. The Amish are not going to be on the internet. J If the neighborhood or area you choose only has 25 homes, well there may not be enough market to make the time commitment worth it. On the other hand the market can be too big. If you think you’re going to blog about homes in New York City, you will never get to page 1 of Google, maybe even not page 100. Trulia, Zillow, and many other big name big money companies have the money and resources to target this big name. Go do a Google search and you will see. So go for a market that you know, that the big guys don’t have a monopoly on. It will take some research, but you will be glad you did.

Fourth, is the physical location of the Niche manageable and worth your time?

If you choose an area to blog about, how close is it to you? If it’s 60 miles away, will it be convenient to get to and show homes? Maybe it has great numbers, high sale price, low days on market, new infrastructure and a host of other things. But is it worth a 4 hour commute to show a home? So make sure the area or niche you choose will be manageable over the long run. Missing your kids games, or dinner with your spouse because your niche is all over the county, or the area is 2 hours away, does not make for a good home life. I chose the neighborhood I live in, and man, that was a blessing.

And fifth, do people actually move in this area?

According to NAR people move on average every 7 years. This number does not fluctuate much. So make sure the area or niche you are targeting hits at least this number, or of not, the sales price is worth it. We have a neighborhood near our office that we would use for training. We would door knock there to get agents used to talking to people and handle some rejection. We found out quickly that no one was moving. When we went back to the office and did our research, we found that there were only 8 sales a year in a neighborhood with about 150 homes. People did not move in this neighborhood. Needless to say, we did not work that neighborhood anymore. Make sure and do the research on the areas you choose. Doing a real estate blog takes time and commitment. Make sure it’s worth your time. And when the leads start coming in, make sure you are keeping track of them. Use or some other CRM system. If not, your just wasting your time.

Track the Lead is a real estate CRM system along the lines of top producer, realty juggler, salesforce, all clients, market leader, zoho and many others. It may be true that many of these have more functionality, none of them are as simple. Go To and give them a try.

Should I do a Real Estate Blog?

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Using a Real Estate Blog for Generating Leads

I am often asked by real estate agents I am training, “Does Blogging work?” Well the simple answer is yes, it does work. Then I ask them how long before they think they will receive leads from blogging. The answer here varies, but is usually way too hopeful. They tell me a few weeks to a few months, some even look at me somewhat confused and say, “ Immediately? “

I do not want anyone to have misgivings about blogging. You will not receive leads immediately. Depending on who your target market is, leads will start coming in between 4 and 9 months. Yes, 4 and 9 months. And this will only happen if you’re consistent in your blogging.

To give you some back ground, I started a real estate blog in April of 2012. My goal was to have my website on page 1 of Google. I had two niche markets I was going after. The first niche was seller financing, which it took me 2 months to get my website to page 1 of Google for that search term. I still receive leads from the work I did for this search term, and I have not blogged for the last two years. The other search term was Timberwood Park, which is a subdivision in San Antonio. It took me 7 months to get to page one on Google for this search term. The great thing about being on page one, the leads come in. It takes work, but the leads come in. And if you stay consistent, it just keeps happening. In full disclosure, when I stopped blogging consistently, I started dropping pages.

I am doing a multi part series on blogging. I will be covering the following material:

And don’t forget the most important aspect of real estate, the follow up. Make sure when the leads are coming in, you aren’t wasting them. is a simple and inexpensive way to keep up with your leads. Give it a try.

Track the Lead is a real estate CRM system along the lines of top producer, realty juggler, salesforce, all clients, market leader, zoho and many others. It may be true that many of these have more functionality, none of them are as simple. Go To and give them a try.